How do I sign up with Poker Classified's partners?
There are multiple ways to do this. On the PokerBaazi site, please use our promo code PCM while creating your account to make sure it is linked to ours. You must then make sure you have an account created with Poker Classified. After this, head to your dashboard and edit profile to add IDs that you have with our partners.
How do I get rewards?
The more you play, the more rewards you get on the platform you are playing. But guess what? Since you signed up using our code, we will reward you with deposit codes, tournament tickets and give you options for goodies based on how much you play on our partner platforms.
How do I improve the likelihood of getting more rewards?
Well for starters, make sure your profile is updated with the IDs you have at our partner platforms. If you are playing regularly and don't see an update on your dashboard, contact us on support@pokerclassified.com. Read about BankRollManagement and how you can use it to become a better player. Make sure to play responsibly, build up your bankroll and start playing higher stakes. The higher stakes and more often you play, the more rewards you get from our partners and us, thereby increasing the benefit you get.
How can I capitalize on the deals and rewards?
Every week/month we will update your dashboard with the PC points that have been accumulated. These PC points are your meter for the kinds of tournament tickets and rewards (goodies) you will be able to get. You will be updated through our PC WhatsApp group or through direct email about the deals and rewards you can get.
Why am I not getting verified to claim my PC points?
There are many reasons for your account not being verified and you therefore not being able to use your PC points. Make sure all the required documents are uploaded as well as bank and PayTM details. You would have received an email with the reason for not getting your PC Points and Rewards.

If none of the above questions answers your query, please email us at support@pokerclassified.com or call us at +91 8810591020.